Kaffir Lime

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime is a rough bumpy green citrus fruit originating from Southeast Asia. The leaves also feature in many recipes because of their aromatic properties. They have a curious figure of eight shape.


The peel is a very common ingredient in Thai cuisine adding an astringent flavor and an aromatic property. The zest is used in various Madagascar dishes. The leaves are the most used component of the tree; they can be used fresh or dried. Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Lao, Malaysian, Burmese cuisines all extensively use the leaves for the fragrance. Cambodians consume kaffir limes candied.

Tip for cooking: Adding 1-2 leaves to Thai curries when the meat or tofu is added for extra flavor and aroma. The leaves can also be pounded to a paste and added to curries.

Nutritional Value

1. Kaffir lime is an excellent digestive aid, promotes bone and teeth health and is even a good deodorant for the body.
2. The juice is popularly used as a cleansing agent for hair and clothing.
3. In folk medicine, the juice extracted from kaffir lime is used to promote gum health.
4. The essential oils from the fruit are incorporated in various ointments.

Did you know?

Thailand uses the juice for cleaning clothing and hair.


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