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Job opportunities in Information Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Information Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Information specialists in any industry are of paramount importance as they play a pivotal role in planning, decision making and finally in marketing the product. There are multiple sectors providing information segregated into different categories for better functioning. Pharmaceutical industry comes with a lot of document storage and retrieval that they need in order to be effective. Information management is essential for the success in the development and production of drugs. It’s also a necessity that critical information of companies stays secure and companies data records and drug formulations are not breached.

Information Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry

    Professionals involved in the clinical research sector provide reliable, unbiased and thoroughly researched information to healthcare professionals and patients’ regarding the clinical efficacy and safety of medicines.It is important to note that the information is based upon published data, company records and regulatory documents regarding drug benefits and adverse effects. These individuals are also involved in monitoring drug safety, regulating and checking promotional material. Thus, these professionals at times play a role of pharmacovigilance expert by identifying changing drug reaction patterns, providing unbiased information regarding the usage, safety and efficacy of drug. As pharmacovigilance information is of critical importance and relevance in the pharmaceutical industry information experts have a highly specialized role to play in the information industry.

   Field-based reactive medical information role is service orientated where relevant research by analyzing various published data is done to address a query put forth by healthcare professional are addressed face to face. Research Information professionals in such a role support the work of the research and development sector of the company working in close association with scientists, pharmacologists, chemists to provide up to date information regarding the latest advents in the industry or the changing concepts which can play a decisive role in the treatment planning of the end user, be it a physician, patient or the pharmaceutical companies. These key roles are designated as Business Information Specialist, Records Management Specialist,  Medical Writing Specialist in the industry along with various other segregations.

It is very important for the information professional to have fervent combination of communication, writing and organizational skills so that an individual can convey the information in an precise yet comprehensive review in response to a query which is articulate and simple for the end user.

Courses Offered in Pharmaceutical

James Lind Institute (JLI) offers courses for individuals to hone not only their personal skills but also their technical skills as they are involved with the technological developments with constant use of computers starting from storing data, searching for data related to research on the Internet as well as transmitting the information or literature to the customer. Thus, courses specialized in Medical writing, Clinical data management, Clinical research and Pharmacovigilance are offered to propel their career forward. It’s not a must to have a medical degree but to have a knowledge in any of the life sciences will make it easier in the industry.


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