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Interesting ways to knock off calories

Interesting ways to knock off calories
You don’t like working out at the gym or following a routine fitness regime, but still want to lose weight, right?

Believe it or not, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to knocking off calories. From partying with your friends to shopping for hours at the mall — one can lose weight simply by doing your regular chores. TOI gives you a list of options that are fun and also help you to lose weight…

Eat in front of a mirror
Though it may sound crazy, eating in front of a mirror helps you lose weight. Well, technically it gives you a dekko of what you are eating and how you are eating. Some studies also suggest that eating naked in front of a mirror makes you more conscious about your body, by helping you see what exactly you have on your plate. As bizarre as it sounds, these things work only when you are
dining all by yourself.

Wash your clothes
Blame the new routine, people hardly do household chores these days. But washing your clothes, which includes rinsing, squeezing out the water and drying for about 30 minutes, burns up to approx 120 calories!

Party hard with friends
If you are a party animal, then continue to party hard with friends to lose weight. Sounds lame? But studies have shown that partying with friends at a club house or at home for about 60 minutes can help you knock off more than 250 calories. Of course, this would not work if you are drinking and munching snacks! The tip is stay conscious about what you consume and still rock the dance floor by getting groovy.

Go mall hopping
We are sure women would love this tip. But yes, it’s official! Mall hopping and shopping help you knock off calories. Shopping for over four hours a day means walking around the malls carrying shopping bags and this does help to lose weight. People even get drained out at the end of it. So, it is important to keep yourself hydrated when following this routine.

Clean your home

Turn your household chores into a workout! From sweeping the floor to mopping it — household chores help you lose calories like no other! Sample this:

Ironing clothes: 90 calories

Mopping the floor: 130 calories

Vaccuming: 100 calories

Washing windows: 120 calories

Try several clothes
Sounds fun, right? Trying clothes for about half-an-hour can help you burn several calories. When you are bored at home, unleash your excitement and start trying all the tops inside your wardrobe. A form of exercise in itself, trying clothes can help you knock off calories too! But make sure you switch off the fan in your room to see the results!




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