What Does Holistic Medicine Entail?

Holistic Healing Vs. Alternative Medicine

Holistic medicine is becoming an integral part of the medical world. This is due to the increasing health costs, while the majority of people are growing skeptical about traditional medical options and pharmaceuticals. holistic medicine in San Diego entails treating the whole person intending to get a balance in the body, mind, and spirit.

Contrary to the western approach in medical practices that major in the treatment of physical symptoms, diseases, and illness complaints, the holistic approach focuses on several factors that may lead to health issues. Holistic therapies comprise the use of meditation practices for massages, crystals for yoga, and the use of herbs.

Holistic medicine treatments and perspectives have many benefits as compared to traditional medicine. In the modern world, even medical practitioners acknowledge and are aware of the advantages attached to holistic treatments. As a result, the doctors suggest some holistic treatment options as a supplementary treatment to the doctor’s medical approach.

The basics of holistic treatment are that every person has a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical component in the body. Every part has unique and distinct levels of energy and consciousness. Experiencing disharmony between varying body parts can result in an unhealthy status, leading to disease or illness. It is believed that harmony must be achieved to promote health and healing in a patient.

Some signs that display disunity in your body include mental instability, a compromised immune system, and pains and aches. The efforts of the holistic specialist are directed towards the restoration of balance that results in an improved status and makes the symptoms disappear. The approach used to achieve the goals of holistic medicine differs from one practitioner to another. Some chiropractors also focus on holistic medicine to create balance through the alignment of the spine. In other instances, a nutritionist or herbalist will achieve balance through herbal concoctions and foods.

Categories of Holistic Treatment

Varying holistic professionals specialize in varying treatments and modalities of diseases and illnesses. There are, therefore, different options in holistic medicine to choose from depending on where you live. Some of the most common therapies in holistic medicine include:


This is traditional medicine in the Eastern region that uses needles inserted in particular body points to facilitate the flow of energy and positively impacts pain relief and the healing process.


The category comprises the use of scented lotions and candles. The therapy is popularized by using natural substances and essential oils to provide different aromas that are deemed to energize, heal, relax and rejuvenate.


Therapy adopts the use of natural substances that establish the symptoms of an illness in a healthy person to improve the health of a sick person with similar symptoms. An expert practitioner must monitor and administer this therapy since side effects can be risky in some scenarios.


The holistic treatment approach is viewed as a false method of treatment. Mediation entails increasing awareness and removing distractions: this form of holistic treatment is a form of concentration that many individuals use for personal development. Some people believe that mediation can lead to rejuvenation and healing.


The holistic treatment is more than the usual foot massage: therapy is a potential healing approach and a pain-relieving method characterized by exerting pressure on certain points in the feet and hands to help the body heal itself and prevent disease and illness.

Through research, you can easily get the holistic treatment that suits your health requirements. In most cases, holistic practitioners recommend a combination of therapies to improve the chance to achieve optimum wholeness and health.

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