Give a Break to High Calorie Desserts, Try Yogurt

Give a Break to High Calorie Desserts, Try YogurtPhotoCredit:istock

Yogurt, the super food not only known for its health benefits but hailed by experts as the ‘nectar of immortality’, is getting a taste uplift with myriad flavoured options and being recommended by them as a healthier switch from ice creams and high-calorie sugar-loaded desserts.

Believed to be of Turkish origin, yogurt is an excellent source of vitamin D, protein and calcium and can make up for the meals people are missing out on, says celebrity chef Rakhee Vaswani. Hailing this bacterial fermented milk product as an ideal option for breakfast, she says, “just adding yogurt to a smoothie or eating a bowl of it with fruits will be a good way to start your day.” “It becomes an excellent choice because its quick and won’t leave people feeling hungry. With less fat content and with so many nutrients, a bowl or even two servings of yogurt in a day can help people maintain good health.”

Avinash Dolwani, franchise owner of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt-West India, which recently opened its first outlet in the city, says, “It’s true that most people reach out for something sweet and rich to uplift their mood. But doing this too often can lead to other health issues. “That is where Menchie’s frozen yogurt comes in. It is flavorful, non fat, packed with proteins and probiotics. Compared to regular ice cream, it is-only 1/3 of the calories and it contains the probiotics which are necessary for good immunity and helps a sluggish digestion.”

Popular chef Ranveer Brar echoes similar views. He said, “Yogurt is a great super food because it has creaminess of cream with one third of the fat and the culture benefits of whey. Besides having great taste, its also a great substitute for dessert.” Yogurt, a rich source of micro-nutrients, should be a definite addition to breakfast, according to Brar. Adding beaten yogurt instead of cream to gravies reduces the fat percentage and gives a unique taste. Marinated hung yogurt is a low fat substitute to cream cheese. Also, marinating meat in yogurt is a good option.

Asked about many people avoiding curd during cold and rainy season, he said, “In Ayurveda it is said that a bowl of freshly set yogurt just before sunrise is actually warming in winters. Yogurt soups are another way of incorporating the food product in our meals.”


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