Follow your forefathers

Follow your forefathersFollow your forefathers

Leading cardiac surgeon Dr Ramakanta Panda shares five simple and sensible ways to stay healthy before World Health Day (April 7).

From Akshay Kumar and Mukesh Ambani to the witty politico Lalu Prasad Yadav, Dr Ramakanta Panda — the man behind Asian Heart Institute, India’s No 1 centre for cardiac treatment — has a long list of loyalists. For a man known for his philanthropy and mild-manners, Dr Panda is feared for his ethics too. “My brand philosophy has always been give and give more and save lives. Our success rate is among the highest in the world,” he highlights.

Dr Ramakanta Panda trained in cardiac surgery from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and completed his fellowship from the Cleveland Clinic, USA. He has also had the fortune to train under Floyd D Loop, a revered name in cardiac surgery. His top notch team at the hospital supports and respects his strict no-cut practice policy. We get him to share five sure shot ways to good health…

– Follow your grandparents. Eat, sleep and walk the way they did.
– Sleep is a critical recovery period. Have an early dinner and hit the bed early.
– Not having time to exercise is the most outdated excuse in the world. A 40-minute walk, using stairs more often and getting up from the work desk every half an hour – are all very doable exercises.
– Stress can be a main reason for your unhealthy lifestyle. Develop a hobby.
– Do yoga.
– Self-monitor your major health indicators.

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