This is the fitness secret behind Bipasha Basu’s fabulous physique

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That actor Bipasha Basu Singh Grover is a fitness enthusiast is a known fact. But what really goes into maintaining that healthy and fit body? Here’s all the info:

Which is the one breakfast food that you must have?

Egg whites are a must have for me every morning.

One fattening food item that you just can’t resist?

All Indian sweets, I just cannot resist them.

How do you get back in shape post a fattening indulgence?

By zipping my mouth and killing it in the gym. I also go on a protein-rich diet.

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Do you prefer mini meals? What do they normally contain?

I am not a fan of mini meals, as I prefer my three complete meals, which is fresh juices, eggs, oats with nuts for breakfast, lunch is dal, fish/chicken, green vegetables and two rotis, dinner is the same as lunch only with more fibre.

A diet plan that always works for you?

A well-planned high protein diet.

Do you work out at home? What are the exercises you follow?

Yes, I do. I follow my own routines.

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Do you prefer outdoor or indoor physical activity?

I love outdoor activity abroad, but not in India, because it’s too hot and humid mostly.

Which are your favourite physical activities?

I prefer weight training, Pilates, yoga and outdoor cycling.

A health tip that you rely on.

Water is the ultimate elixir of life, just drink and hydrate