Eating Cranberries May Promote Heart Health and Stronger Immunity: Experts

Eating Cranberries May Promote Heart Health and Stronger Immunity: ExpertsCranberry could protect the gut microbiota — a complex community of microorganisms that live in the digestive tracts of humans and other animals — and provide antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions that benefit the cardiovascular system, metabolism and immune function, revealed a new study.

Not just promoting urinary tract health, but the researchers found that cranberry juice, dried cranberries and various cranberry extracts possess whole body health benefits.

“It has been established that cranberries rank high among the berry fruits that are rich in health-promoting polyphenols (antioxidant),” said Jeffrey Blumberg, researcher at the University in Boston, in the study published in the journal Advances in Nutrition.

The research has revealed that cranberry bioactives show promise in helping to strengthen the gut defence system and protect against infection.

The effect of cranberry products on cardiovascular health and glucose management was also explained in the study and established promising links between cranberry products and blood pressure, blood flow and blood lipids.

Potential benefit for glucose management with low-calorie cranberry juice and unsweetened dried cranberries for people living with type 2 diabetes was also stated in the study. Benefits for heart health and diabetes management have been attributed to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of the polyphenols in cranberries, revealed the research.

“The bioactives in cranberry juice, dried cranberries and a variety of other cranberry sources have been shown to promote an array of beneficial health effects,” added Blumberg.


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