I Didn’t Care About Science At All, And Then Your K-Pop Faves BTS Released Their “DNA” Music Video, And Now I Care About Science A LOT

Alongside the release this morning of their new album Love Yourself: HER, K-Pop superstars BTS debuted a trippy fun video for the album’s lead single, “DNA.” It’s the best pop music video for a DNA-themed track since, well, Little Mix’s Sin City-style “DNA” back in 2012 (And before that, Girls Aloud with “Biology.”)

Now, despite all the molecular math, helix structures, paint burst solar systems, and other science stuff serving as visuals throughout “DNA,” it’s not actually a song about chemistry class. Do you even study DNA in chemistry class?! Who knows, I cut science in high school but this isn’t about me, it’s about my K-Pop princes.


BTS’ “DNA” is instead about “the passion of youthful love,” as Billboard notes — the lyrics are all about love and fate and love at first sight and DNA in the context of that love being at the very core of your being, as these lyrics (as translated by KPopViral.com) explain: “My DNA wants you from the beginning / This is destiny; I love us / We are the only true lovers.”

Here are some of my other fave lyrics, by the way: “From the day the universe was birthed / Over the infinite centuries / In our past lives and probably in our next too / We are together eternally.” Who’s going to be the first pair of K-Pop fans to incorporate this into their wedding vows, I wonder?!?!

The “DNA” music video follows last week’s release of the album’s intro track, “Serendipity,” and its MV. Now, even though there’s a similar spaced-out-CGI-dreamscape theme happening in both the videos, comparing a ballad with an EDM pop banger isn’t totally fair. But it is fair to say that “DNA,” the latter track, has some killer choreography happening and that’s never a bad thing. (The most fire BTS choreography since, well, “Fire,” in fact.) Also there’s whistling! And a pitch perfect sequin bomber jacket! But then “Serendipity” does feature a cat, which ties things up:

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