Hindi call: Makkai
Corn is another name for maize. Corn is used all over the international in one-of-a-kind forms, eaten cooked or raw. it’s far a cereal grain. they are brilliant yellow in shade. Corn at the cob is a pride at some point of monsoon. The seeds of maize are known as corn kernels or candy corn due to their sweet and milky flavor. Corn and the flour made from it referred to as cornmeal are a staple meals in lots of areas.


Corn is fed on as a popular staple meals in many countries. It holds a very important place within the Mexican cuisine. Maize meal is an extraordinary alternative for wheat flour at the same time as making cornbread and other baked goods.

Maize is likewise a first-rate source for starch. Maize flour is a chief ingredient in every family kitchen. The kernels can be roasted or boiled and are eaten as a popular snack in India.

The unripe kernels are grated off the cob and served as a vegetable in a variety of dishes like Maize purée, tamales, desserts, ice-creams, and so forth.

it’s also used to make cornflour (a thickening agent), corn oil, corn syrup (a sweetener) and also a type of American whiskey called Bourbon.

note: eat the fresh corn within a day but if you need to store it preserve the husks intact so that it stays clean. at the same time as boiling corn, do not upload salt to the water, it’ll only improve the corn. at the same time as cooking, be careful no longer to overcook the kernels because it will lead them to lose its candy taste.

nutritional cost

1. Corn is a brilliant source of starch and nutrients B and C.
2. diet A in maize features as an exquisite antioxidant stopping sicknesses.
three. Maize also promotes right functioning of the gall bladder and decreases acidity.

Did you recognize?

Maize is also used bio-gas.
it’s miles expected that corn has been below cultivation in view that 5,000 years.

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