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Conference paper selected for a special issue in medical journal!

Quite a lot of things have been going on in parallel lately, especially related to research, and because of this I actually forgot to update this blog during the last few months. I will now restart the blog again by presenting some good news related to publications.

In September last year Hanife Rexhepi and I presented our paper “Do you want to receive bad news through your patient accessible electronic health record? A national survey on receiving bad news in an era of digital health” at the 18th International Symposium for Health Information Management Research (ISHIMR 2020). We wrote the paper together with our DOME consortium colleagues Isto Huvila and Rose-Mharie Åhlfeldt (see blog image above). Around two months ago the first author, Hanife, received an email from the ISHIMR 2020 programme committee revealing that our paper had actually been among the top rated papers in the peer-review process and as a result of this it had been selected for inclusion in a journal special issue! This is actually the first time that a conference contribution I have been working with has been rewarded like this. It is, however, not the first time for Hanife. She has not only managed to get conference contributions selected for special issues during earlier versions of ISHIMR (as first author), but she also got two papers selected for a special issue this year!

Since we are now dealing with a journal publication the demands are of course higher and there will be at least one new round of peer-review that most probably will result in demands for revisions. We are currently waiting to hear from the journal editor after the first round of peer-review. After final acceptance I will tell you more about the journal, the special issue and of course the paper itself.


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