Hindi call: Phool Gobi

a elaborate shaped vegetable, white in shade with inexperienced leaves. The entire florets are fit for human consumption. The green leaves at the base are also edible and feature a more potent taste. Cauliflowers are available all year spherical.


they may be of diverse types typically extraordinary from each other based on color.White is the maximum common cauliflower, orange variety is most effective located in a specific area in Canada and it incorporates more diet A than the white’s miles slightly candy and rich in beta cauliflower is to be had in Europe and US.there’s also red cauliflower that gets its coloration from the presence of anthocyanin. it’s miles rich in tannins and desired to be eaten raw.


it is a very common vegetable utilized in Indian cuisine. It turned into delivered in France in the 16th century. it may be roasted, fried, steamed or may be eaten uncooked. earlier than cooking the outer leaves are removed. The leaves and stems of cauliflower are also fit for human consumption however it’s far regularly removed earlier than intake.

nutritional value

1. Cauliflowers are very rich in nutritional fiber that assist hold a healthful digestive system.

2. Presence of glucoraphin in cauliflower enables prevent stomach cancer and ulcer.

3. It includes a high amount of antioxidants and therefore allows towards cardiovascular diseases.

four. Researchers have observed that cauliflowers have the capacity to cast off cancer enzymes.

five. Cauliflower is anti inflammatory and facilitates save you arthritis, weight problems and different irritation mediated illnesses.

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