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Bromsgrove weight loss expert sheds light on the ‘guilt free’ treats this Halloween

A BROMSGROVE weight loss expert has said there is no need for local slimmers to be scared of healthy eating this Halloween.

Tracey, who runs a local Slimming World group in Lickey End, said anyone watching their weight could still have treats and a guilt-free Halloween by sampling her tasty Halloween recipes.

She also urged slimmers wanting to steer clear of Halloween ‘tricks’ to still enjoy their favourite ‘treats’ and lose weight.

“If families in Bromsgrove want to whip up something warm and comforting this Halloween, they won’t feel deprived with our tasty pumpkin recipes.

“If they fancy trying something a little sweeter, our toffee apple ice cream recipe is so simple to make, and will go down a treat with the kids!

“Lots of people hollow out their pumpkins to make lanterns and chuck the flesh in the bin – but they’re throwing away a delicious, nutritious and filling superfood.

“Whatever your cooking ability, anyone who has pumpkin flesh going spare can whip up a quick and spook-ily filling pumpkin, bacon and sage tagliatelle dish, or try the hearty pumpkin soup – a meal that is just perfect on a chilly day.

“The toffee apple ice cream is a favourite in my household – it tastes so good you’d never know it was a light dessert.

“All three Halloween-inspired recipes are surprisingly delicious, super satisfying, and great for boosting weight loss if you’re trying to slim.”

The recipes included in Tracey/s, Halloween menu are based on Slimming World’s famous Food Optimising eating plan which allows slimmers to satisfy their appetite on filling, lower calorie foods like pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, lean meat, poultry and fish. At Slimming World these foods are called Free Foods because members can enjoy them freely to satisfy their appetite without weighing, counting and measuring.

Tracey said traditional Halloween goodies could be enjoyed by Slimming World members too.

“So often we think that losing weight means going hungry and giving up all of our favourite foods – after all, that’s what so many diets tell us to do.

“But it is possible to enjoy treats like a toffee apple or Halloween tipple without guilt, and enjoy the holiday without missing out.

“Members who join Slimming World to lose weight discover that we’re not about dieting and deprivation. What we help each other to do is make healthy changes to the way we shop, cook and eat and learn to make healthy choices.

“To find out more about how to lose weight without hunger or calorie counting simply come along to your nearest Slimming World group. We’re not frightening at all — we have lots of fun and a great laugh and loads of people make great friends for life. Everyone’s welcome at my Lickey End group every Thursday at 7:00pm at Lickey End Social Club.

For more Slimming World information including more delicious recipes visit www.slimmingworld.com or call Tracey on 07989 105937.


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