Begin Your 2022 With These 5 Skincare Resolutions

The end of something is an indication of a new beginning. So, as we end the year 2021 on a cosy note, we have 2022 welcoming us. While every year we take resolutions about our health, careers, fitness, even our relationships and more, this new year why not give a long-term commitment to our skincare routines? This new year let’s commit to skincare resolutions that can be a real game changer. As much as we love getting swayed by the beauty trends, it is also essential to know the basics for your skin and pick the right products. Not all trends suit your skin and most importantly, it is essential to follow the basics of skincare in order to maintain your skin. Well, we are sure that these skincare resolutions won’t disappoint you.

Begin Your 2022 With These 5 Skincare Resolutions

5 Skincare Resolutions That We All Need In 2022

Important skincare resolutions that every beauty fanatic needs to take this new year.

1. Sun Protection At Its Best

One thing that we have learned throughout our skincare journey is that sunscreen is a need and is super essential for the skin. Whether you are at home or stepping out, sunscreen needs to be applied to the skin for better and softer texture. While stepping out in the sun, you can surely cover up sensitive areas of the skin but using a sunscreen on a daily basis is a must.

2. Reset Your Skincare Routine

Our skincare routine is just our fashion routine, which needs to be updated and revamped with changing season. With a dip in temperature, our skin needs more moisturisation but at the same time it is time that you revaluate your skincare routine and press the reset button as you begin the year. Most importantly if you are a skincare enthusiast, it is important for you to know your skin type and then take the way forward. Go for products that serve multiple purposes and are well suited to the skin.

3. Make Serums And Face Oils Your Go-To Beauty Product

A few drops of serum or face oil a day keeps your skin hydrated and moisturised. Within a certain period of time, serums and face oils have become an absolute must-have on our beauty shelves. Using them regularly is one resolution that we all want to take. Not only they make the skin supple but also keeps it toned and clear.

4. Say Yes To A Regular Body Care Routine

We have often been lethargic when it comes to body care. The skincare regimen does not just limit to our face but also has equal importance when it comes to our body and specially with winters in full swing, our body needs extra attention too. From opting for a moisturising body lotion to switching to body yogurts, this new year, make a resolution to take extra care of your body.

5. Start An Anti-Aging Routine

We might not realize but with time our skin needs the right products and there is no right time to begin with an anti-aging routine. The right kind of products will only help to minimize signs of aging and bring out the best of your skin. From using an eye cream to using face masks, include these anti-aging products in your regimen.


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