This actress shares a simple fitness hack we can’t miss

This actress shares a simple fitness hack we can’t miss (Photo courtesy: Facebook)
This actress shares a simple fitness hack we can’t miss (Photo courtesy: Facebook)
Divya Chouksey, the hot and fit actress hailing from Bhopal, made her Bollywood debut in the movie Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara . When it comes to fitness, Divya likes to keep it simple and is a follower of Ayurveda. She shared her fitness routine, diet and hacks to stay in shape.

What is your fitness regimen?

I follow Ayurveda and as per that, my body is Vata type. This means that I’m supposed to do light workouts. I do Pilates, aerobics and I jog thrice a week. I eat healthy and take small meals.

How does not working out affect your mood?

It makes me a little aggressive, but when I workout, it helps me de-stress and I feel energetic.

What pre-workout and post-workout foods do you prefer?

Pre-workout, I take half an apple and post-workout, protein shakes or fresh juices, depending on the kind of workout I did.

Do you believe in following fad diets?

Sometimes. I always avoid sugar because I don’t like it very much. I go for fruits and veggies diet and it helps me detox. However, I always consult my dietician first.

What fitness routine did you follow for your Bollywood debut ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’?

I jogged, did Pilates, aerobics and danced. While we shot in Kashmir, we used to trek almost every day. I like such adventurous workouts.

What’s the longest duration you’ve gone without exercising?

A week. Especially when holidaying, I am guilt-free and that’s when I eat everything, though I always avoid sugar.

Your fitness mantra?

I follow some simple fitness rules. I eat healthy, take eight to nine hours of sleep, keep an active life and don’t just sit up. Run around and be active.

Are there any workouts that you’re planning to try?

Functional training is what I’m dying to try now.

Any fitness hacks for your fans?

I run my errands myself. Always running around, I prefer stairs over lifts. I keep it simple and active.

Which fitness fad should be avoided?

Working out in the gym rigorously. Rather, one should try new workouts as there is a plethora of new ones.

Who has the most impressive physique in Bollywood according to you?

In actresses, Jacqueline Fernandez and in actors, Vidyut Jammwal.