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6 Healthy Beverages That Will Make You Ditch Colas and Aerated Drinks

6 Healthy Beverages That Will Make You Ditch Colas and Aerated Drinks

Aerated drinks and sodas are fast becoming the most consumed beverage in India. These drinks need to be pulled down and shamed due to their ill-effects on our health. The villain is the high fructose corn syrups present in these drinks that has been linked with diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, reproductive issues, asthma, depression, arthritis and obviously obesity.

Beverage companies, spend billions each year to tempt consumers. But what they may not tell you is that around ten teaspoons of sugar in each can and phosphoric acid can change the entire chemistry of your body. Now, if you think diet soda will be a healthier alternative. Think again! The artificial sugar – aspartame used as a substitute of sugar in these drinks is even more harmful. Aspartame has been linked to multiple health problems like diabetes, tumors, raised cholesterol, seizures and emotional disorders. Kick out the sodas from your daily routine that offer nothing but empty calories and turn to these six super healthy beverages:

1. Flavored water

Just add slices of your favorite veggies and fruits like lemons, mint, orange, apples, strawberries and cucumbers to a pitcher full of water for a nutrient infused refreshing drink. Play with different colors to make it look exciting for kids.

flavoured water

2. Sparkling water

This is a great alternative to get the fizz in a healthier version. Squeeze lemon or any fruit juice to a glass of sparkling water. Sparkling water is water that has been infused with carbon-di-oxide to produce a bubbly drink, a good alternative to sugary soft drinks.

sparkling water

3. Coconut water

The healthiest drink on the planet, coconut water contains various bio-active enzymes and electrolytes that aid digestion and various metabolic processes. It is loaded with potassium to balance out the sodium in our body. This phenomenal thirst quencher strengthens your immune system, eliminates toxins and breaks down kidney stones. The plant hormones called cytokinin, present is in this beverage, exhibit anti-cancer and anti-ageing properties.

cocunut water

4. Drink up your vegetables

Juice your favourite veggies for a nutrient dense yet a low calorie shot. It takes twenty minutes for the body to absorb this wholesome drink, as the body does not take much time to break it down for utilization. Use a variety of vegetables like mint parsley, cucumber, coriander, beets, amla, carrots or sweet potato.


5. Fermented beverages

This is a great way to give your health a boost with good gut bacteria. The number of probiotics and enzymes in an average diet has declined sharply over the last few years. Let’s get back to chach, lassi and kanji for better gut health.


6. Drink your wine

Research from Harvard medical school has reported that red wine has anti-ageing and anti-cancer properties. Compounds found in red wine keep the blood vessels healthy and contribute towards a longer life.


With so many healthy options, you could be spoilt for choice and there could be no reason to reach to that can of soda.


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