5 benefits of a stair climbing workout

Take the stairs, today (Pic: Thinkstock) Take the stairs, today (Pic: Thinkstock)
If you have always given up the stairs in favour of taking the elevator at work, time to turn that habit around. Stairwell workouts are increasingly being looked as power-charged regimens. They have even resulted in skyscraper runs in the West. Here’s why you need to start climbing today…

Improves heart health: The regimen works on cardio vascular fitness and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Great toner: As you ascend the stairs, you tone up your quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. It’s thus apt for those with sedentary jobs.

Calorie torcher: As you move against gravity, the body has to work that much harder, leading to greater calorie loss. As per a study, you can burn more caloriesfor every minute that you climb the stairs than when you jog.

It’s anytime, anywhere: You don’t need to check into the gym or roll out the yoga mat for this one. It’s as convenient as heading to the nearest flight of stairs.

Elevates the mood:
As in increases the endorphins, it also de-stresses the mind.