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4 post-workout eating mistakes

4 post-workout eating mistakes
It’s 30% how you train and 70% what you eat that sets the foundation of a good physique; though, people think and do exactly the opposite. Remember, you can never outdo a bad diet by training harder. Here are the mistakes you are making…

Not eating A Balanced Meal

Although it’s ideal to dunk a protein shake right after working out, it’s only a supplement, which can only add on to the macronutrients you get from real food. If you skip solid food, you are making a big mistake.

Eating too Late After the Workout

Post workout, the body is primed to absorb and locate the nutrients where they are needed the most in the body. Also, if you are trying to put on muscle, it’s an ideal time for carb intake as the glycogen stores are washed out. But don’t eat just anything, eat clean!

No diet plan in place

If you are serious about your gains or fat loss, you need to have a diet plan. The effect of a workout session remains for 48 hours on the body. If you don’t feed it right, don’t expect it to look right.

Fat-Free Packaged Food

Mindlessly cutting out fats from your diet can make you sluggish, and add weight! Low fat diets ruin the body’s capability to burn fat. A lot of vitamins are fat soluble only and need fats to be absorbed. Fat is good for you. Eat it!

-Shantanu Prasher


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