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Weight loss: Strictly’s Gemma Atkinson unveils incredible body overhaul after 12 week plan

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Gemma, 32, underwent the 12 week transformation ahead of her Strictly training as she wanted to improve her strength and tone up for the show.

Speaking at the start of her journey, Gemma said: “I love feeling strong and athletic, and that’s how training with weights makes me feel.

“My simple goal on this transformation journey is just to become the best version of myself I can be.

“We had my first weigh-in and I was quite shocked that I was the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I was 73kg and 16.9 per cent body fat, which doesn’t sound a lot, but for me it was. I’m normally around 70kg and around 15 per cent.”

Gemma worked with Ultimate Performance Fitness to achieve her goals, and her workout plan was a mix of short weight training sessions and cardio.

The gorgeous blonde did a 45 minute workout four days a week plus an hour of cardio once a week. Each workout focused on a different body part.

Describing her routine, she said: “It’s the kind of training where, on paper, you think ‘that’s not very hard. I can do that.’

“Sometimes there might only be four or five exercises in the session, but it’s because of the repetition, the overload and the increase in the weights when it comes towards the end, that’s what makes it difficult.

So many people come into the gym and just blast their whole body every single day and wonder why they’re not getting results.

“You can come into a gym and do two hours and not get the same results as when you come here and do 45 minutes.”

She also made tweaks to her diet, but did not cut out any food group entirely, including carbs.

She said: “I used to snack on dark chocolate and nuts, which is fine. But I used to have two or three of those snacks a day. Thinking ‘it’s dark chocolate. It’s good for you’.

“I used to eat a lot of bread and I took that out of my diet and replaced it with oats and sweet potato.

“I actually ate a lot of food. But just a lot of good food. I didn’t deprive myself really.

“After about two or three weeks I stopped craving rubbish foods. One time I did have it, I felt shocking afterwards.”

Gemma has undergone her body transformation for the summer but she is not the only one – a woman has revealed how she lost five stone on a diet and fitness plan.


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