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Weight loss: Why you should eat the same breakfast every day!

There is a reason we say that breakfast is the most important meal you have in a day. Not only do you start the day on a good note (with a lot of nutrients and energy which will get you going), it can also help you speed up the weight loss journey if you are looking to get in shape.
For an ideal and effective weight loss diet, it is crucial that you eat the right food groups, eat on time and also, eat the same meal at breakfast! Confused? We give you a very solid reason for doing so.

First off, never skip out on breakfast
Anyone who has successfully lost weight can tell you this. Your morning meal is the one thing you should never miss out on. Any diet regime you follow will also tell you this. So, it all boils down to this when you sit down to have breakfast then-what you should eat and when you should eat it.

Try eating the same breakfast!
Before any dieting or workout regime, the biggest contributor to a healthy weight loss is practicing mindfulness. So, when you do start the day on a healthy and weight loss boosting note, it is bound to show results. This is why we suggest you eat the same meal for breakfast for optimum results.

For those of you who like to have a hearty important and filling breakfast, making a smart, healthy choice during the mornings can help you make healthier food choices for the next meal of the day. A healthy breakfast can be anything protein, fiber-rich which will also keep you fuller in the long run and give you the energy to burn those hard calories faster.

Plus, the idea of having the same meal for breakfast also speeds up your everyday schedule. You are less likely to skip out on breakfast when you know what you are going to eat beforehand.

However, ensure this:

As much as we all like our breakfasts to be easy and yummy (here’s pointing fingers at sugary cereals), you have to keep in mind that you make smarter choices with what you eat as your first meal. Cereals and store bought items are something you need to strike off from the grocery list, ASAP. Include a little protein source like vegetables, oats, fruits and even drinks like black coffee, which are all suited for weight loss.

Also, eating the same breakfast may sound like a good plan but if you are a moody eater who gets bored easily, this may not be the best diet for you. When you are bored, you end up stress eating, which essentially contributes to weight gain.

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