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Depression myths you need to stop believing right now

TNN | April 06, 2017
Myths about depression

1/6Myths about depression

Many suffering from depression and those around them fail to notice the evident symptoms due to the stereotypes. In many cases, it is already too late when the signs are read and the patient is diagnosed with depression. Let us take the first step towards understanding people with depression and demystify some common myths and misconceptions associated with it.

Myth 1

2/6Myth 1

While one of the first and main characteristics of depression is the sense of doom and extreme sadness, it is not synonymous with it. A person under depression can show and feel many other negative emotions.

Myth 2

3/6Myth 2

Depression is a mental ailment which may or may not be connected with a personal loss or depressing event. Many a time, depression might occur due to excessive stress, some underlying medical condition, or as a side effect of a prescribed medication.

Myth 3

4/6Myth 3

This myth is the main reason behind many depressed people isolating themselves from the public and not revealing their issues for fear of being judged. Depression is a mental condition and doesn’t mean that the person is “mad”.

Myth 4

5/6Myth 4

Most of the times, a person suffering from depression is blamed for being overly sensitive and exaggerating things. What one fails to see is that these people don’t have a control over their own emotions and can have an emotional outbreak almost anywhere.


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