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5 Weight-Loss Strategies When You’re Pressed for Time

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(BPT) – It’s not just you. Losing weight is a tough thing to pull off! Forty-one percent of us are currently trying to do it, yet only approximately three in 10 are confident we’ll succeed, according to a new national online survey, “The Truth About Weight Loss”, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zaluvida, makers of I-REMOVE®.

Problem is, the survey also suggests today’s lifestyle might be a major obstacle to reaching and maintaining our weight-loss goals. Long work hours, commutes, errands, and kids’ activities all make it hard to plan and prepare healthy dinners, let alone fit in daily high-impact cardio sessions at the gym. And those sessions may be more needed than ever — the vast majority of health care professionals who were surveyed say that screen time[i] and the use of on-demand services[ii] prevent Americans from being more active. At least 77 percent of health care professionals who participated say losing weight is more difficult today than it was for previous generations because of Americans’ busy, modern lifestyles[iii].

How do you get around the many demands of your daily life and lose weight anyway? Here are a few tips to get you on your way to shedding unwanted pounds, even with your busy lifestyle.

1. Start small, start simple.

A healthy new outlook is great, but don’t get crazy: If you’re piling on too many major changes at once, they may be less likely to stick. A successful weight loss plan is one that you can stick to long term[iv], isn’t time consuming[v], and doesn’t disrupt your daily routine[vi], according to most of the health care providers surveyed. For starters, think in terms of making small, incremental changes to trade unhealthy habits for better ones.

2. Steer clear of crash diets.

Sure, there are all kinds of diets and other gimmicky plans out there that make big promises to zap those pounds in a matter of days. In reality, anything that relies on extremely low calorie intake is not only bad for your health, it can backfire. Extreme diets that include drastic calorie reduction can lead to increased fatigue, according to health care professionals who were surveyed[vii]; they also say you may end up gaining weight in the end because your body enters “starvation mode” to protect its resources[viii].

3. Consider new options.

When it comes to weight loss, the struggle is real — especially today. Luckily, health care providers get that. The majority agrees that weight loss would be easier for their patients if there were a weight-loss product or aid that fits into their patients’ lifestyles without unpleasant side effects[ix]. One such product is I-REMOVE[x], the No. 1-selling weight-loss formula in Europe, which is now newly available in the U.S. at Walgreens and other retailers. Clinically tested to help people lose weight and maintain weight loss without undesirable side effects, it is shown to deliver up to three times more weight loss vs. dieting alone.

I-REMOVE can be easily incorporated into a busy schedule, but must be part of a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating healthier and moving more. This doesn’t mean making drastic changes or spending hours in the gym, it means making better eating decisions — even if the occasional slip-up happens — and incorporating more movement into a typical day.

How it works: Take it after a meal, and during digestion, it binds with up to 28 percent of the fat content, transforming it into fat-fiber complexes that pass gently through the body — without unpleasant side effects. It has also been shown to promote a pleasant feeling of fullness.

4. Find your weight-loss expert.

The guidance of a health care professional is invaluable when you’re trying to achieve weight loss in a safe, healthy, and sustainable way. Yet, only 32 percent of adults who are currently trying or have ever tried to shed pounds have talked to a health care provider for help with a plan. Your health care provider can tell you what’s right for your age, fitness level and health goals. Plus, by talking openly with your health care provider about your weight-loss goals and personal challenges, you may get useful tips about how to make healthy choices that can work with your particular lifestyle and situation.

5. Treat yourself!

When you do shed inches and pounds, make a point to celebrate! Buy that new outfit that shows off your new form, and post your results on social media so you can bask in the many rounds of virtual high-fives from your friends and family. These celebrations will lift your spirits and motivate you to keep you going!

For more results on ‘The Truth about Weight Loss’ survey, visit www.weightlossfindings.com. For more information about I-REMOVE, visit www.i-remove.com.

[i] 95% PCPs, 97% pharmacists

[ii] 82% PCPs, 84% pharmacists

[iii] 77% of PCPs, 81% of pharmacists

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[v] 56% of PCPs, 55% of pharmacists

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[ix] 63% of PCPs, 60% of pharmacists

[x] I-REMOVE has been demonstrated to effectively boost weight-loss efforts in people 18 years of age and older who are overweight or slightly obese.

Editor’s Note:

About the National Survey: ‘The Truth about Weight Loss’ survey was conducted online within the United States by The Harris Poll on behalf of Zaluvida, the makers of I-REMOVE®, between October 13 and November 6, 2017. The consumer arm of the survey included a total of 1,005 U.S. adults ages 18+, of whom, 713 are currently trying (n=429) or have ever tried (n=284) to lose weight. The professional arm of the survey included 961 U.S. adults ages 18+ who are primary care physicians (n=458) or pharmacists (n=503). For complete research method, including weighting variables and subgroup sample sizes, please contact [email protected].


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