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30 Healthcare Blogs to Help You Keep a Pulse on the Industry

Healthcare blogs

Do your ears perk up when the morning news anchor segues into a segment covering the latest and greatest healthcare innovation? Have you noticed that you gravitate toward clicking on headlines relating to technology and medicine or healthcare policy and law? Or maybe you tend to fall into a Wikipedia rabbit hole after hearing about the latest and greatest advancement in medical research or treatments?

No matter what it is about the field that catches your attention, if you spend your free time scrolling through what today’s sharpest healthcare pros are talking about on Twitter, you may want to consider expanding your reading list to the diverse and seemingly endless world of healthcare blogs. From technology, news and policy to administration, marketing and jobs, there are scores of sharp minds talking about the exact healthcare topics you’re interested in.

Take a look at the following 30 healthcare blogs—you may find a few you want to bookmark and add to your weekly reading list!

30 Healthcare blogs to add to your must-read list

Blogs about healthcare technology

1. HIT Consultant

Dubbed the leading source of healthcare technology news, HIT Consultant offers content on topics like health IT, electronic health records (EHRs), digital health, telehealth, patient engagement and startups.

2. Healthcare Dive

A blog with a mission to provide busy healthcare professionals with “a bird’s-eye view of the healthcare industry in 60 seconds,” Healthcare Dive covers a wide range of topics. Its “Health IT” section offers insightful pieces on everything from artificial intelligence in medicine to the industry’s adaptation to EHRs.

3. Healthcare IT News

The team at Healthcare IT News has been “the voice of health IT” for more than 12 years. The blog provides readers with timely, actionable news and analysis on the landscape of healthcare technology.


An offshoot of the Department of Health and Human Services, the HHS IDEA Lab explores technological solutions that have the potential to improve the delivery of health and human services.

5. Medgadget

A leader in medical technology news since 2004, Medgadget covers updates relating to the latest medical devices and approvals, technological discoveries and interviews with leaders in the industry.

Blogs about healthcare news

6. KevinMD

Thousands of different authors contribute to MedPage Today’s KevinMD blog, sharing their personal stories and insight as professionals immersed within our healthcare system. Readers regularly hear from doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical students, policy experts and more.

7. Modern Healthcare’s Vital Signs blog

Modern Healthcare is a leading source of healthcare business and policy news, as well as other research and information related to the field. Reporting on important trends as they unfold, it offers blog articles, e-newsletters, mobile products and events.

8. Public Health Matters blog, from the CDC

The folks from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) use the Public Health Matters blog to provide readers with updates regarding the evolution of public health and the continuous strides that are made to improve the overall state of our healthcare.

9. Discover Magazine’s Health & Medicine

The “Health & Medicine” offshoot of Discover magazine draws in regular readers with its up-to-date stories on everything from aging, mental health and obesity to biotechnology, nutrition and personal health.

10. Health News Review

Hoping to offer a platform that can help improve the public dialogue about healthcare, Health News Review helps readers critically analyze claims about the healthcare industry.

Blogs about healthcare policy

11. Healthcare Dive

In addition to its section focused on healthcare technology, Healthcare Dive also devotes a portion of its content to policy and regulation within the field. Readers can expect topics like bipartisan efforts to reduce opioid addiction or how policy shifts impact Medicaid enrollment across the nation.

11. HealthBlawg

Healthcare lawyer and consultant, David Harlow, runs the HealthBlawg, which focuses on digital health law and policy. He uses his blog platform to dig into topics like data security, digital health regulation and the federal response to the opioid crisis.

12. HIT Consultant

The HIT Consultant blog’s connections to healthcare technology were obvious, but it also offers an entire section of content devoted to healthcare policy. There readers can find content about ties between net neutrality and healthcare, how various policy changes could impact the Medicaid population and more.

13. NASHP’s State Health Policy Blog

An offshoot of the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP), the State Health Policy Blog offers readers regular insight on things like Medicaid expansion, state-based marketplaces, mental illness research studies and the culprits behind the rise in healthcare costs.

14. The Center for Global Development’s Global Health Policy Blog

Hosted by the Center for Global Development (CGD), the Global Health Policy blog offers ideas and analysis on global health issues with expert insight on how policies can improve well-being for all.

15. Health Populi

This blog, founded by health economist Jane Sarason-Kahn, is home to tons of in-depth analysis of healthcare policy and its effect on costs and outcomes.

Blogs about healthcare administration

16. Healthcare Dive

Once again, Healthcare Dive rises to top of the must-read list with its section devoted to hospital administration. Readers can expect articles on topics like the cost of physician burnout, the long-term impact of healthcare megadeals and the top hospital systems based on patient satisfaction ratings.

17. Fierce Healthcare

Regular visitors to Fierce Healthcare are accustomed to reading about the latest in industry news and analysis, with articles ranging in topic from healthcare management tactics and workflow improvements to reimbursement and payment models.

18. Kaiser Health News

A nonprofit news service, Kaiser Health News is committed to in-depth coverage of both healthcare politics and how the healthcare system—including hospitals, doctors, nurses, insurers, governments and consumers—works.

19. The RAND Blog

The RAND Corporation is a research organization devoted to serving the public interest. The blog’s healthcare organization and administration section enters into virtual discussions about things like a collaborative approach to addressing health concerns and the benefits of community hospitals.

Blogs about healthcare marketing

20. Physicians Practice

Hosted by the ModernMedicine Network, the Physicians Practice blog has a marketing section that’s chock full of thought-provoking topics for those immersed in healthcare. From offering tactics to encourage patients to return to your practice to weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing marketing, each article dives into a topic that is all-too-relevant for today’s healthcare professionals.

21. Health Care Communication News

With distinct sections devoted to topics like social media, mobile health, PR and marketing, Ragan’s Health Care Communication News is a one-stop-shop for all things related to healthcare marketing. The blog offers strategies for bolstering your healthcare marketing as well as coveted advice from healthcare professionals who have achieved success in the industry.

22. Healthcare Success

The Healthcare Success blog dives into some of today’s most relevant healthcare marketing topics. These include reasons hospitals should pursue mobile advertising, the benefits of incorporating YouTube into healthcare advertising strategies and even how to use online doctor reviews to your organization’s advantage.

23. ReferralMD

Currently boasting millions of readers, ReferralMD offers comprehensive content exploring the business side of healthcare. Articles range in topic from marketing guides and news to information technology and review for healthcare professionals.

24. Geonetric

A marketing agency that specializes in helping healthcare organizations thrive through effective marketing, Geonetric’s blog offers insight on creating effective content strategies, building strong websites and noteworthy industry trends.

Blogs about healthcare jobs:

25. HealthJobs Nationwide

The country’s largest healthcare talent acquisition job board network, HealthJobs Nationwide offers regular news, insights and opinions specifically for healthcare professionals. If you’re looking to climb the ladder from your current position in healthcare, this blog is filled with advice for readers just like you.

26. Health Career Center Blog

If you’re really on the hunt for the healthcare career that will be the right fit for your lifestyle, you’ll want to tune into the Health Career Center Blog’s articles. Learn about the best healthcare jobs for millennials, the top medical jobs for work/life balance and even tips for “Quitting your job the right way.”

27. The Staff Care Insider

A healthcare staffing blog dedicated to staying on top of the trends that shape all things related to healthcare staffing today, The Staff Care Insider offers insight on topics like healthcare job shortages, ways to overcome the mental health shortage and why hospital wait times are longer than ever.

28. UnitedHealth Group

An organization devoted to health and well-being in the United States, UnitedHealth Group offers a blog where its writers discuss huge industry topics like big data in healthcare and diversity in the workplace, while also digging into more detailed subjects like applying for jobs from your mobile device or working with disabilities.

30. Rasmussen College School of Health Sciences Blog

You’re not imagining it—the sound you’re hearing is that of us tooting our own horn. But don’t let this little bit of self-promotion distract you. Our healthcare blog offers readers a robust selection of articles, infographics and testimonials relating to career and educational paths within the healthcare industry. From pinpointing the career changes you’re hoping to make to preparing for your eventual interviews, we’ve got you covered.

Tap into your passion for healthcare

As you continue to keep tabs on the healthcare industry, don’t forget to prioritize the deep-seated passion you’ve been feeling to propel your career forward. As one who’s interested in keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the healthcare field, you might be just the type who would thrive in a healthcare leadership role. While blogs are a great way to keep up with what’s going on in the industry, you’ll likely need a strong educational background to advance into one of these roles—Rasmussen College’s Healthcare Administration Master’s degree could be the perfect option to help you get there.


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