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Weight loss: Adding THIS everyday item to your water can cut 13 pounds of fat in a year

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The cupboard staple, used for cookies, cakes and hot chocolate, can actually be used to slim your stomach – if used slightly differently.

Cinnamon, a spice that comes from the bark of trees, is a useful addition to your diet.

The spice can reduce blood sugar and insulin levels – which helps with weight loss.

The effects are such that cinnamon has been recommended as a “useful add-on therapy in the discipline of integrative medicine in managing type 2 diabetes” in a study.

Weight loss diet plans with this in water can cut 13 pounds of fat in a year

Weight loss diet plans that feature cinnamon added to water can help slim your stomach

“The glycaemic outcomes of cinnamon, a review of the experimental evidence and clinical trials,” from the University of Peradeniya, found the food can help those looking to shed some pounds.

Though it’s not a miracle cure, it has been suggested that adding cinnamon water to your diet can be beneficial – and even help you shed 13lbs of body fat.

A nutritionist has claimed that swapping just one of your usual drinks for cinnamon water could burn off the impressive amount of weight – almost a stone of body fat.

For example – replacing your morning orange juice with cinnamon water could have you dropping weight almost effortlessly, Elisabetta Politi, R.D., a nutritionist with Duke Health told Women’s Health.


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