How to start the New Year

How to start the new year
How to start the new year
Renu S. Persaud, social scientist and author, shares how one should start the new year.

Let the new year be a time to work on yourself. Let it be a time of self-mastery. I believe in the importance of mastering oneself. Success flows from the intent and consistency of self-mastery. There’s no better time than the beginning of the year to do that. Start the year by understanding yourself. Our ultimate happiness comes from personal interactions. As a social scientist, I realise that interactions are paramount to an ardently healthy life. To be positive and happy, apply some rules consciously.

Be Enthusiastic

First is enthusiasm. We must be enthusiastic in our approach. Always spend quality time with yourself and others. Approach things with great enthusiasm. Don’t fill your ‘me-time’ running errands or going shopping. This is the time you should be completely focused on your thoughts and feelings.

Revel In Solitude

Try to spend moments in solitude. Once you start practising, it quells outer distraction and feels peaceful. Eventually, we seek out time for ourselves. We become enthusiastic about this sacred time. It also gives you greater clarity about your life goals and emotions.

Try Manifestation

Manifest the things in yourself that will help you achieve a higher, better and happier life. This leads to balance of emotions and will make your year more positive as you will become magnetic, and draw people towards you. You will manifest an energy that tells others, ‘I am strong, because I believe in me. Hence, I have what it takes to nurture your ability to believe in yourself too’.

Project Your Positivity

Projection is another tool. Your energy and confidence derived from the practice of self-mastery is projected on to others. When you know yourself, you act naturally and respectfully toward others, whether you are immersed in corporate, educational, political or cultural environment, being nice just takes less energy. You project a positive sense of self because of your confidence. This energy draws others in and make your year more magical.

Admire Yourself

Admire yourself. This is not a narcissistic awe but one derived from ‘feel good’ that your mastered-self can help others to feel. This is the greatest effect of self-mastery, when we practise and feel positive, we treat others positively.

Thoughtfulness Is Essential

Bring in thoughtfulness in your life. We must be thoughtful in the corporate world and personal life. To move forward, we must treat others kindly in order to attain the things we want. How can it be possible that we can spend countless days, hours being kind, and get nothing in return? Thoughtfulness begins with you. You must be thoughtful and considerate of you. Once you are thoughtful about your own needs, then you have the tools to be thoughtful toward others. Once the art of self-mastery is practised with consistency, it will become a part of a more enriched life. You will yearn to just ‘be’ and look forward to the time you will spend with your own undecorated self, in solitude.

As told to Nona Walia