Why You Should Schedule Your Digital Imaging Procedure

There are several types of digital imaging procedures, and this includes an MRI, X-ray, CT scan and ultrasound. It is natural to feel nervous about the procedure, and you may even feel hesitant to schedule the appointment. However, we believe this is a procedure you do not want to skip over. Here are several reasons why you should schedule your digital imaging procedure soon.

1. Identifies Your Medical Condition: A physical exam is not always enough to identify a medical condition. Your doctor may request an MRI to diagnose a stroke or disc herniation, or they may request a CT scan to locate a tumor or blood clot. The exams are also used to identify an injury or infection. Failure to detect certain medical conditions could result in serious injury, illness or even death.

2. Gives Your Doctor A Closer Look: The equipment used for your exam allows your doctor to explore the target area with ease. One example is a digital X-ray, and your doctor uses this exam to identify a foreign object in the soft tissue. Your doctor uses an ultrasound to get a closer look at your heart, kidney or gallbladder. The technician manipulates the images to give your doctor an accurate reading.

3. Starts The Recovery Process: Your condition needs to be identified before you can treat it. Once your doctor receives the results of your exam, they can start putting together a treatment plan that works for you. Scheduling your exam is essential to treating and recovering from your condition.

How To Schedule An Appointment

It is very easy to schedule the appointment for your procedure. Once your doctor suggests the exam and gives you a referral, you can schedule the appointment on the spot. The facility may even have an opening for the procedure on the same day.

If you need a little time to prepare for your procedure, you can contact us by phone or online to schedule your appointment. We offer an appointment request form on our official website. Once you submit the form, a member of our staff will contact you about your preferred day and time.

A digital imaging procedure is important for identifying illnesses, injuries and other medical conditions. You may feel nervous about going through the procedure, but scheduling your appointment is the first step to recovering from your ailment.