Samantha Prabhu: Diet and Fitness Mantra of the Talented South Indian Actor

Samantha Prabhu: Diet and Fitness Mantra of the Talented South Indian Actor

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is a widely loved model, actress and philanthropist down South. She has worked in both Tamil and Telugu films and made her debut in the blockbuster Telugu romantic film Ye Maaya Chesava in 2010. Critics praised Samantha for her compelling performance and stated that she was a girl to watch out for. Her debut was considered one of the best heroine debuts in the Telugu cinema and her expressions spoke volumes about her. She has since worked in over 18 Telugu films and 14 Tamil films, which is quite an achievement for the short span she has been in the industry.

samantha prabhu

Samantha Prabhu’s photoshoot; Photo Credit: instagram/samantharuthprabhuoffl

The Actor’s Fitness Mantra

Samantha is one of the fittest celebrities in the business and is a self-confessed fitness freak. She is committed to staying healthy and never misses out on her training sessions. Her priority is to stay strong and not just to look good. Even when she has an early morning shoot to attend, she goes as early as 5 a.m. to the gym and never compromises on her workout. Usually her workouts oscillate between cardio exercise and weight training. During tight schedules, when she fails to go to the gym, she makes it a point to at least go for a jog.

samantha prabhu

Samantha Prabhu working out; Photo Credit: instagram/samantharuthprabhuoffl

Samantha’s glowing skin is all thanks to her strenuous workout sessions during which she sweats out all the toxins in her body. Her strict and disciplined lifestyle helps keep her fit and beautiful. She also practises “silambam”, a weapon-based Indian martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu, to remain fit and defend herself. Dhaya Rajesh, her trainer, had stated that she is very passionate and dedicated to her training, something which he hasn’t seen in other celebrities.

Samantha’s Diet Choices

The uncompromising diet assigned to Samantha by her trainer is another significant reason for her toned physique. Her diet is high on protein-based foods, which go well with her exercise regime. She makes it a point to always stay hydrated and constantly sips on either water, fresh fruit juices or coconut water. She doesn’t count her calories and accepts all kinds of foods. Starving and skipping meals is something she disapproves of.

samantha prabhu

Photo Credit: instagram/samantharuthprabhuoffl

A balanced diet and regular meals at equal intervals is necessary for a healthy body. Salads, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables and lean meats are the main contents of her diet. Although her favourite foods include chicken, fish, spicy pickles, sweet Pongal and filter coffer. She is a girl of simple tastes and her all-time favourite meal is an appetising plate of sambhar and rice.

Samantha Prabhu has time and again proven herself both, on and off screen, and never fails to live up to the expectations that surround her. She has always been touted as a driven and talented actress. We wish her all the very best for her future projects and philanthropic works!

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