The right way to eat fruits

March 08, 2017
Know the right way to eat fruits

1/8Know the right way to eat fruits

Loaded with nutrients and fibre, fruits protect us against many health conditions. But how to include these fresh fruits in our daily diet is often misunderstood. There is no right or wrong way to eat fruits but consuming them in an effective way can definitely provide a number of health benefits.

The best time to eat fruits

2/8The best time to eat fruits

The first thing you should do in the morning is eating one fruit before anything else. As our stomach is empty, this practice helps in absorbing its nutrients in the body. Our body can easily digest the fruit eaten empty stomach and allows the stomach to easily process it.



There applies a rule of eating a fruit empty stomach early in the morning. People who have stomach ulcers or acid reflux should not adapt this practice. Also, people with weak stomach functions like toddlers and elderly people should not consume fruits empty stomach. It is because some fruits like citrus fruits, pineapples, cranberries, grapefruits etc. contain acetic acid. This increases the production of gastric acid and can worsen the condition.

Can you eat fruits between the meals?

4/8Can you eat fruits between the meals?

Definitely yes. Fruits are a great snack when eaten between two meals. This increases the metabolism rate and maintains blood sugar levels. When you consume healthy snack between meals, your body doesn’t store fat or starve.

Wrong time to consume fruits

5/8Wrong time to consume fruits

It is never recommended to consume fruits right after a meal. It is a wrong belief that eating fruits right after a meal helps in digesting food and breaking down calories. This is not true. Fruits contain natural sweeteners and calories too. So instead of breaking the calories, they only add up to the number.

Eat these fruits in moderation

6/8Eat these fruits in moderation

Fruits that contain a high amount of natural sweetness like pomegranate, mangoes, grapes, fig, lychee and watermelon should be consumed in a moderate amount, especially for those who have high blood sugar levels.

The best fruits for people with high sugar levels

7/8The best fruits for people with high sugar levels

Eat papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, plums, raspberry, pears, strawberries, peach and apples.

Before you go off to sleep

8/8Before you go off to sleep

Choose the right type of fruits if you feel hungry and want to eat a snack before sleeping. The good choices of food before you go to sleep are apple, bananas, kiwis and cherries. They contain natural serotonin, melatonin and tryptophan that calms us down and help in a good night sleep. Avoid fruits like mangoes, grapes as they