Recent Study Explores How Personalized Nutrition Will Influence the Global Dietary Supplements Market in Coming Years

WiseGuyReports announced addition of new report, titled “Dietary Supplements in an Age of Personalized Nutrition; How the trend towards personalized health will impact the dietary supplements market”.

Personalized nutrition is the new term of accepting food according to personal needs. This concept is used when consumers are more conscious and they are maintaining their genetic make-up, lifestyle and environment everything is depend on the food they eat.

The growing different health disease are directly or indirectly related to eating habits in day to day life. People are becoming more conscious about what that eat. Moreover, they are going for personalization for dietary supplement.

As per report study and analysis, Personalized Nutrition Market to reach $127 billion and grow at CAGR of 6.5% during forecast period of 2020.

Understanding this consumer changes, the major players in nutrition business are moving as per customer need and desired benefits of specific consumer groups, even they are healthy, at risk or diseased groups like those who are dangerous or diseased, depressed, diabetic, obese, or allergens.

The major focus of the personalized nutrition is to guide the people what to eat and what they really required because there are thousand people across the globe they don’t know what is going in their body and what is required to their body.

Even there is dietary supplement involvement there is need of a personalized guide for in taking this supplement. Each and every individual body is different and so there intake as per there lifestyle and work. Nutrition is playing an integral part since ancient time.

The report study the in-depth effect of personalized nutrition on the global dietary supplement industry. With outlining the different approaches of content personalized nutrition, new instances in the market and current instances of the best practice.

Study of the report also explain the Personalized Nutrition will influence global markets for dietary supplements during the short-term and provide suggestions and recommendations to growers to achieve success within this new landscape.

Personalized nutritionists the opportunity to develop an ongoing relationship with customers rather than a behavioral standpoint. This gives benefits to both suppliers, who can build loyal customer base and get personal and dedicated services to consumers.

The technology advancement also help this market to boost up, due to smartphone and wearable device, human can keep track of what they have, what is the output. The nutrient and calories, they health status, with daily updates about health and body.

The major players like WellPath joined forces with 23andMe and FitBit to offer a service to customers that provides customized packages of monthly supplements based on an unprecedented level of personal information.

The major player cover in the report are WellPath, 23andMe, FitBit, FitNatic, Wellness FX, Nordic Naturals, Lipid Technologies, Cleveland HeartLab, Pure Encapsulations, geneME, GenoVive, Genova Diagnostics, Geneplanet, Google, Apple, Sciona, Interleukin Genetics, Nestlé, Wyeth, Danone, Cargill, Unilever, DSM, Roche, BASF, Alticor and Coca-Cola.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Food versus medicine
The dietary supplements market
Trends fueling growth
Trusted ingredient sourcing
Integrative medicine
Genetic modification
Commodity costs
Personalized nutrition: a key consumer trend
Report objectives
Chapter 2 The rise of personalized nutrition
The trend towards personalization
Human Genome Project
Personalized medicine
Examples of personalized medicine in practice
Cardiovascular disease
Personalized nutrition
Benefits of personalized nutrition
Controversies in personalized nutrition
Ethical considerations
Data confidentiality
Social implications
Evidence base
Chapter 3 Innovation in personalized nutrition
Supplement opportunities arising from personalized nutrition
Personalization at the demographic level
Personalization at the level of individual preference and lifestyle
Online services
Home supplement dispenser
Personalization at the level of biological testing
Personalized nutrition: an emerging industry in its own right
Delivery models
Existing and emerging players in personalized nutrition
Chapter 4 Dietary supplements market
Consumer acceptance of personalization nutrition
Market analogs
Impact of personalized nutrition on supplements market
Projected growth of dietary supplements market
Regional variation in dietary supplements market
Diagnostic testing market
Face-to-face consultation
Chapter 5 Strategies for success
Profile of the motivated consumer
Strategic imperatives
1. Build partnerships and collaborations with complementing industries
2. Build ongoing relationships with customers
3. Increase the at-home and online offering
4. Maintain credibility
Invest in research
Invest in PR
5. Drive costs down
6. Leverage familiarity with personalized medicine
7. Develop protocols for data security
8. Increase branding to improve product differentiation
Companies and consortia active in personalized nutrition

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