Pick a Season: The Best Time to Plan Your Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be happy, boisterous, celebratory events, where you express your love for someone else in front of your friends and families. However, the planning for such an event can be a bummer, because with it comes mounds of stress.

But you can check off at least one thing from your wedding map-out the destination based on climate, season, and ease of access. Being mindful of every wedding choice will help you better live out your ideals for the perfect wedding day. You could even track your destination ideas and findings in a mindfulness app on your smartphone.

Consider the Climate for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor nuptials can be super-romantic because you and your sweetheart are being lovey-dovey in the beauty of nature. However, consider the climate. Everywhere has a unique, sometimes subtle onset of the different seasons, so do research about the season of your intended destination on your intended wedding date. You want somewhere warm, where guests can feel comfortable sitting outside for the duration of the ceremony.

Do You Want Your Location to Blossom?

Spring blooms and blossoms make a beautiful backdrop for a walk down the aisle. So, when researching your ideal destination, pick somewhere that is renowned for a gorgeous springtime. The valleys of Colorado, for instance, are often home to small parks, where wedding parties can host a post-wedding reception under the event awnings after a flower-filled, nature-made celebration.

Look into Weather Records for Destination Weddings

If you plan on a destination wedding, like Cuba, Jamaica, or somewhere else exotic, check out their weather records, seasonal expectations, and past weather statistics. Some destinations consider hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis a part of their annual weather reports, so it’s best to do your research and make an informed decision.

Have a Plan B for Pop-Up Thunderstorms or Inclement Weather Changes

The best thing you can do for yourself and your guests is to make a plan B. Because while you might think it’s romantic to stand in torrential rains with your sweetheart, you can bet your guests have less-than-pleasant thoughts about it. When hosting outdoors, provide awnings or covered seating areas for guests. Or, be prepared to move the ceremony indoors in cases of pop-up thunderstorms and inclement weather.