PepsiCo says nutrition category can reach $100 million


PepsiCo is strengthening its nutrition category to cater to health-conscious younger customers in the country.

The company has created three platforms to target this category and hopes that eventually it can add $100 million in business. PepsiCo has also decided to restrict sales to limited stores unlike its usual strategy for new products.

The company wants to transform the portfolio, says Deepika Warrier, vice-president (VP), nutrition, at PepsiCo India.

Quaker Oats Milk is the third launch and the most recent by PepsiCo in this category, which started with Tropicana Essentials followed by Quaker Nutri Foods.

“With a combination of oats, milk and fibre, we are excited to pioneer the grain dairy category in India and we believe we are addressing another of our consumers’ growing demands for healthy options,” says Warrier.

PepsiCo claims first mover advantage in this segment dominated by co-operatives, which do not have much distribution strength. The company has signed on Sachin Tendulkar to endorse the product.

“These products require different marketing and mindset. It is all about education, creating awareness through various initiatives,” says Warrier.

Besides relying heavily on the digital space to create awareness, PepsiCo has joined hands with Subway and a few aggregators to give out samples. New tasting zones are also being created.