A new UAE nutrition supplement player holds key to healthy business

Sparta Nutrition (SN), a young startup established in 2016, reported a 6,500% growth a year after its inception. Now, the up and coming company is seeking to expand into the Middle East to tap an entirely new market.

A model success story

The supplement startup was established by Mustafa Khawaja. Khawaja is the owner and CEO of Khawaja Holdings, an investment and hedge fund company based in New York. He launched Sparta Nutrition in February 2016 and has grown the company into an 8-figure organization in less than 2 years.

His company is now selling to more than 65 countries and has taken some exciting new steps forward towards expanding to the Middle East. The company will seek to branch out into countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, and the UAE.

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Revitalizing an existing market

“Sparta Nutrition is already in 65 countries around the world with some of the largest distributors in those regions,” Khawaja told AMEinfo in a one-on-one interview.

“The Middle East is one of the last territories that we are focused on, and have already locked in distribution in Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. We have a lot of interest in [the] UAE, and are vetting the distributors to see who would be the best-fit partner for us,” he continued.

“If done correctly, the UAE is a $10 million+ region.”

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A serial entrepreneur dips his feet in Arab waters

Mustafa Khawaja has invested in over 40 companies, some of which he owns, ranging from tech, marketing, nutrition and others. Khawaja launched another company in 2018, dubbed the “Bio Vape”, named after its main product line.

At the age of 27, a serial entrepreneur and an investor, Khawaja is no stranger to the business world. He started his first business at just 18 years old.

Regarding what USPs the product had over existing market supplements, Khawaja said that there was always a need for more nutrition supplement brands in any market.

“What makes us stand apart is the simple fact that we produce edgy flavors and FULLY transparent formulas,” he replied.

“Many brands produce proprietary blends where customers don’t even really know what’s in the product. We put Quality over profit. It’s all about longevity for us.”

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When asked what they hoped to achieve, Khawaja believes that their brand’s goal is to ignite a positive change in consumers’ lives, so they can be healthier, live healthier, and be healthier” by providing “clinically dosed and top-rated supplements”.

“Pretty much every area of the world has the one market/country that they look at and for the Middle East, it is [the] UAE and Saudi. Once you do well in [the]UAE, the other countries surrounding will follow,” he said.

Regarding the forecasted distribution methods to be utilized in the Middle East, he said that “we partner with the best – not necessarily the biggest – distributors who then sell to retail stores, FDM, gyms, websites, events etc.”

In 2018, Khawaja Holdings launched the Bio Vape, which is 100% food-grade, vegan-friendly and contains no nicotine, caffeine or calories. Bio Vape combines 3 multi-billion-dollar industries from Supplements, Vaping, Aromatherapy. Khawaja Holding has created an entire new vaping category with this product. He predicts that Bio Vape will follow Sparta Nutrition as another success story for his Holdings company.