MuscleBlaze’s tribute to devoted gym and fitness lovers

MuscleBlaze’s tribute to devoted gym and fitness lovers

Conceptualised by Medulla Communication, it is for the first time that a sports nutrition brand has launched a television commercial, a tribute to those who have crafted their lives around fitness

Sports nutrition brand MuscleBlaze has launched a television commercial ‘Tum nahi samjhoge’, a tribute to those who have crafted their lives around fitness. It’s an initiative to sum up the lives of the dedicated ones for the world to see and finally offer them the pedestal they truly deserve. The campaign has been conceptualised and executed by Medulla Communications.

For years now, they’ve been misunderstood and mocked as they stuck to their disciplined lives, not budging for anything. But this has never stopped the fitness enthusiasts. They’ve missed New Year parties, skipped the ‘last’ drink, slept abysmal hours, carried gym equipment on business travel, but religiously stuck to their fitness regimen.

MuscleBlaze is one of the brands in the Rs 1,200-crore fitness supplement category, traditionally dominated by international players and counterfeit supplements. Muscleblaze has close to a million users till date to emerge as the fastest growing sports nutrition brand.

Founder and MD, Sameer Maheshwari, HealthKart, said, “We were wary of using television for such a niche audience of gymmers but when we saw the film, we decided to launch with a 30-second TVC in addition to a big-ticket digital launch.”

“Being a digital-first brand, we wanted to engage our loyal digital network organically as well as reach new consumers. The raw emotions we’ve already evoked organically give us the confidence that this campaign will be a game-changer,” added, Amit Tandon, AVP, MuscleBlaze.

The ‘Tum nahin samjhoge’ philosophy beautifully translates into a film as well as a one-of-a-kind digital contest and on-ground communication.

Amit Akali

Amit Akali, Chief Creative Officer, Medulla Communications, said, “We knew instantly that the sacrifices that fitness enthusiasts make was our biggest insight but the challenge was to speak to gymmers and non-gymmers through the same campaign: Let the fitness community know that MuscleBlaze understands them and yet get them the much-deserved respect from non-gymmers.”

Ritu Sinha and Abhinay Patil, Creative Directors on the campaign, said, “We all have fitness freak  friends, whom we’ve made fun of and all those conversations helped us craft the film. Lines like ‘tumhare liye to workout sirf ek New Year resolution hai’ or ‘kabhi tumhare liye thoda early hai aur kabhi bahut late’ often came from those conversations.”

Praful Akali

Talking about advertising in the category, Praful Akali, Founder and Managing Director, Medulla Communications, said, “Sports and fitness supplements have gained traction suddenly and certainly a number of key brands are studying the category to see how they can make the most of it. The category has limited consumers and hence, even MuscleBlaze was wary of investing in television advertising but when we all saw this film we knew we must do anything possible to get it maximum mileage including getting it up on TV, even with significant audience spillage.”

“Filmed stylishly by Arun Gopalan of Storytellers, ‘Tum nahi samjhoge’ breaks through the clutter effortlessly in terms of cinematography and soundtrack. With Arun and his team being long-term gymmers themselves, they related to the insights in the film and brought them alive with real gymmers in real situation,” added Akali.

For Medulla, this was an opportunity to showcase the expertise across television and digital media. As the voice of gymmers, the campaign involves several influencers – including rising star and fitness aficionado Anoop Singh Thakur – and translates into a digital platform ( ) where gymmers can photograph their ‘Tum nahi samjhoge’ moment and showcase it to their friends. The gymmers get a platform to share their voice and MuscleBlaze reaches out to thousands of gymmers organically. In fact, on the first day of the launch itself, this platform received 65 per cent of user traffic that the MuscleBlaze website receives in one month.

The film has shown various instances where the gym and fitness lovers are shown exercising at various instances. The film depicts their dedication and how the non gymmers won’t understand the feelings attached to gyming, fitness and exercise.