March Is Canadian Nutrition Month

This years Nutrition Month theme is “Unlock the Potential of Food”

Canadians tend to struggle with reaching the amount of nutrients they need everyday, so with the month of March being Nutrition Month in Canada, it’s important to spread the message of healthy eating and proper diets.

Every year, the theme tries to inspire people and to reflect on what needs to be worked on.

“In reference to this year’s Nutrition Month theme, it’s called ‘Unlock the Potential of Food’,” explains Melanie Warken Public Health Nutritionist with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. “And the theme is intended to support Canadians to think about the potential of food and how they might benefit from it, prepare it and share it.”

March was named Nutrition Month because of the above average rate of overweight and obese individuals in Canada. To make healthier choices and reach the ‘quota’ of nutrition needed each day, it can be the little changes that could really improve your diet. This can include consuming a balanced diet high in fresh produce and whole grains or adding and planning healthy snacks throughout the day.

One thing the SHA and many other groups involved in nutrition realize is that not everyone has enough funds to purchase foods that are healthier, but they have some tips to make this possible.

“People make the food choices they make for a variety of reasons and sometimes cost is that reason,” Warken said. “Sometimes health is that reason or taste or convenience. So, if you’re looking to make healthier choices [while on a budget], purchase and prepare less expensive fruits and vegetables.”

Usually the more expensive items are the more convenient items. This includes prepackaged and already prepared fruit or vegetables, so making a little time to cut some veggies up can make a difference.

Along with healthy snacks, there are many other options that can benefit our overall health, which includes preparing eating more fresh produce and whole grains, as well consuming lean proteins whenever possible.