How to make vegetable noodles that’ll put your pasta to shame

YOU’VE BEEN TRAINED to associate pasta as an ab-damning carb that has no place in your diet—well, except for maybe a cheat meal. But there’s a simple solution to that: pasta from the garden.

You can make super-healthy (still delicious!) spiralized veggie noddles to sub in for your mammoth-sized plate of spaghetti—and not give a damn about how many calories or carbs you’re consuming. Use the 5 tips below to perfect your veggie noodles, then check out the top 6 über-healthy vegetables you can turn into abs-friendly pasta.

1) Get out your spiralizer (around $30).

2) Choose your vegetable and lop off the ends. (If it’s large, like a sweet potato, cut it into chunks.)

3) Pick the noodle size (e.g., spaghetti vs. fettuccine), nuzzle the veg against the blade, and start turning the hand crank. The noodles will spool out of the blade like Play-Doh.

4) Eating the noodles raw in salads or as a side dish? Marinate them (try teriyaki sauce or olive oil/lemon) for up to 30 minutes.

5) Cooking the noodles? Sauté them in a pan with a bit of oil; drop them into boiling water till they’re al dente; or oven-roast them. But never leave them cooking too long (2–6 minutes max). They’ll turn to mush in an instant!