How India is A Favourable Market for The Category of Fitness Supplements

How India is A Favourable Market for The Category of Fitness Supplements

India is on the apex of a mental and physical fitness revolution where we are witnessing a large number of Indians embracing the fitness industry. Due to increased industrialisation, and corporate culture, Indians were more involved in desk jobs with no physical work. Although it was not a very popular trend till a few years ago, with increasing awareness about the benefits of a fitness routine, more and more Indians are seen enrolling into gyms, marathons and health clubs.

From weight lifting to water sports to fun activities like Zumba and aerobics, Indians of all age groups have begun to adopt a fit lifestyle. In fact, Google trends reveal that there has been a massive surge in the queries of sugar-free, gluten-free, fat-free and probiotic food items in India.

A fitness supplement is intended to offer essential nutrients and otherwise is not consumed in a large quantity. These supplements usually provide amino acids, proteins and minerals. Due to a fast-moving lifestyle, the will and time to cook at home have been reduced tremendously. Consequently, resulting in a hike in the external diet supplement market in India.

Here’s What the Reports Say

As per the “Indian Protein and Herbal Supplement Market Overview 2018-23”, the Indian fitness supplement market is estimated to reach a CAGR of more than 18per cent in 2023 from that of 2017-18. Experts say that Indian consumers are gaining more awareness about the fundamental requirement of nutrition and are proactively implementing nutrition supplements into their diet. It is observed that young Indians are driven towards attaining higher well-being and avoiding obesity and a healthy body and mind.

Change in Outlook

Earlier Indians were largely involved in the consumption of fast food and packaged food, which eventually led to lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. However, the major factors that have fuelled the emergence of a healthy lifestyle are increased disposable income and GDP. With a better economy comes a better standard of living.

Another major factor that has contributed to a fitness driven India is the influence of Bollywood celebrities, sportsmen and fitness icons. From a 30-year-old Vicky Kaushal to a 53-year-old Salman Khan, Bollywood has been inspiring its audiences to stay fit. The sportsmen of India are also not far behind. Virat Kohli, KL Rahul and others are often found to be flaunting their chiselled bodies. This has resulted in more and more people preventing obesity and embracing healthy lifestyles.

Likes of the Generation

According to a survey, India’s population consists of more youth than any other country in the world. While youngsters tend to take up desk jobs, awareness about diet supplements and routine workout has helped them in attaining a healthier lifestyle. This has led to a growth of the dietary supplements market in India.

The Indian fitness industry is likely to expand in the coming years. While it is currently estimated to be at $0.8 billion, it will observe a rapid double-digit growth soon. Presently the fitness industry of China is pinned at $6 billion with a GDP of $11 trillion. Hence, if we assume that Indian GDP (currently at $2.5 trillion) shall continue to grow at 6-7per cent in the next 10 years. The Indian fitness industry is most likely to grow trifold up to $2.5 billion by the end of 2027.

Now is the Moment

This serves as a very opportune time for businesses that are betting on the Indian fitness sector such as health and food supplements, fitness wear, health clubs and gyms. With the expected growth of the Indian fitness industry, such businesses are estimated to witness greater heights in the coming times.

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