A General Guide on Arthroscopy

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Arthroscopy is a surgical process used for the diagnosis and treatment of joint abnormalities. It uses a tube-like instrument called arthroscope that contains optical fibres and lenses. The arthroscope is inserted in the skin of the joint and the interior can be seen via the connection to a video camera. Arthroscopy is usually an outpatient procedure, performed with spinal, general or local anaesthesia. Arthroscopy can be used for all kinds of joints like knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, etc. You can opt for arthroscopy surgery in Mumbai by getting a complete report of your troubled area from some of the best surgeons around. Medical facilities in the city have substantially improved and are continuing to improve on a daily basis; no wonder why, some of the nation’s top doctors are flocking to this city.

What Arthroscopy is All About

Arthroscopy is used for the diagnosis and treatment of various inflammatory and non-inflammatory arthritis as well as infectious arthritis and any joint injuries. The surgical incisions needed for this are multiple in number and around 0.25 inches on both sides of the joint. The general health of the patient is kept into account before performing arthroscopy, ensuring that the functions of liver, kidney, heart, lungs are adequate. This is a mandatory procedure which shouldn’t be avoided. Vitals are duly monitored in a bid to give the patient the best possible care; this helps to draw a Pre Vs. Post comparison chart. Arthroscopic surgery takes anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours, post surgery, you will require to rest for a few hours and then go home. The recovery time depends on a lot of parameters and hence can’t be predicted.

Post Surgery Details

Usually, an outpatient treatment, the patients of arthroscopy are kept under observation until the effects of anaesthesia die down and sent home after that. Patients are advised to keep the joint elevated and apply regular ice packs on it for few days after the surgery. A general R.I.C.E will help as well wherein R indicates Rest, I Indicates icing, C Indicates compression and E Indicates elevation. This needs to be done for the first few days so as to restore the normal order as soon as possible. There are various exercise programs that need to be undertaken after the surgery to strengthen the treated joint. You can also opt for a physiotherapist in order to hasten the recovery procedure by manifolds. Physiotherapy not only helps reduce the little pain that’s there but also helps in the strengthening, this also helps avoid any future injuries on the same spot as well. Generally, it takes about four weeks’ time for full recovery but arthroscopy surgeons in Mumbai will give you the best advice on how to ensure full recovery after a successful surgery.

Something for Everyone

Arthroscopy has become an integral part of orthopaedic treatments and with ever-evolving technology, it is improving and expanding its scope for better results. You can find a lot of good reputed orthopaedic surgeons who will explain to you various surgery packages and you can get a suitable deal through your medical insurance as well. Arthroscopic surgery is a very low-risk treatment and you should not hesitate to undergo the required procedure in order to correct any abnormalities.