Fitness tips: three of the best primal yoga poses

Rehab bow.

 Rehab bow. Photograph: Courtesy of Michele Perneta

Awkward squat Strengthens knees and quads, improves achilles flexibility. Stand with feet hip‑width apart, arms in front, shoulder-width apart. Squeeze knees together, lifting heels 2cm off the floor, and slowly squat until hips touch your heels. Keep spine vertical, arms parallel. Squeeze knees together and lift hips 2cm off heels. Hold for 20 seconds, inhaling as you rise.

Dragon twist Stretches core muscles and improves spinal flexibility. Begin on all fours, step right foot forwards between hands. Keep right knee above ankle, stretch left leg back, tuck toes and lock knee. Lift right arm up and look up. Engage abs, inhale, twist to right. Hold for 30 seconds. Change sides.

Rehab bow Lie on front with forehead on floor. With right hand, grab right foot from the outside. Keep left arm extended with palm on floor. Kick right leg up, lifting head and chest by pressing left palm down. Lift left leg, locking knee. Hold for 20 seconds. Release right leg, lowering left leg, arm and head to starting position. Repeat on opposite side.