55 buses unfit, no fitness certificates for now: MVD

School vehicles operated using tampered speed governors

The Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) has declined to renew the fitness certificates of as many as 55 educational institution vehicles within the Kozhikode Regional Transport office limits after detecting serious safety flaws during a recent pre-monsoon inspection.

Second round

The vehicles, which were found being operated using tampered speed governors, worn-out tyres, and covered emergency exists, were sent back for immediate replacement and a second round of inspection by May 31.

The MVD authorities said they had screened around 500 vehicles, including contract carriages used for pick-and-drop services, as part of the special drive, and majority of them were found complying with rules.

Special stickers

In the new academic year, only vehicles bearing special stickers issued by the MVD after the fitness test will be allowed to be operated, they added.

The first round of inspections also covered private contract carriages and autorickshaws used for pick-and-drop services.

Both mechanical fitness and legal documents of the vehicles were examined in detail. Autorickshaw drivers who had made arrangements in the vehicles for accommodating more children were told to remove them citing safety reasons. As many as 20 autorickshaws were found with extra seating arrangements in violation of rules.

Drivers with experience

The MVD has also issued instructions to all government, aided and unaided schools to engage drivers with at least 10 years experience in handling heavy vehicles. Besides, appointing helpers to ensure the safe entry and exit of children from school buses has been made mandatory.