5 Questions Prospective Buyers Ask About Car Air Purifiers

We live in a country that is home to some of the most populated cities in the world. The roads across India are notorious for having high air pollution levels. Rolling up the car’s windows and switching on the AC will not safeguard you from pollution. So, even while driving in a car, the passengers are trapped in a surrounding with a poor quality of air. Car air purifiers are your best bet to handle this issue. Many prospective buyers feel daunted if they are buying this device for the first time. Here are few of the questions that normally come to the mind of prospective buyers when it comes to car air purifiers.

  1. What Type of Pollutants Is Present in Our Cars?

As we open the car door or roll down the car windows, all those pollutants that are present in the outdoor air find their way into the car. It can be dust, dirt, vehicular smoke or pollens. In case your pet accompanies you for a drive, then there will be pet dander and pet hair too. Other than that, the perfumes and deodorants used by passengers, car fresheners etc. also release chemicals in the indoor air, which all amounts to pollution.

  1. How Does a Car Air Purifier Work?

Car air purifier is a small device that purifies the air inside a car. It is indeed a performance powerhouse for purifying the air. Car air purifiers like KENT Magic that come with HEPA filter remove all the suspended particulate matter that is present in the air inside the car. Car purifiers also help in removing the unpleasant odours and toxic gases through its carbon filters. Thus, it makes the air inside the car clean and fresh to breathe.

  1. How Much Does a Car Air Purifier Cost?

The prices of car purifiers vary a lot depending on their features. It is better to go with a model that comes equipped with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter even if it is a little expensive as it purifies the air effectively. When buying an air filter, you also need to consider the cost involved in power consumption and maintenance. Any high-quality product is designed in such a manner that it has minimal energy requirements. The cost of a purifier should be calculated keeping in mind all these factors.

  1. How Will I Know When the Filter Needs to Be Changed?

When it comes to filters, some products have an inbuilt filter life indicator. This tells you when a change is required while some needs to be changed after a certain time frame.

  1. How Do I Know My Car Air Purifier Is Working?

You will feel the difference in the air quality; however, many good models also come with displays. As soon as you start the car, read the initial readings on it and check the readings after running it for a few minutes. You will see a considerable difference in the readings.

Now that you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions by prospective buyers, you can go ahead and do your research to narrow down the best car air purifier in the market. Buying car air purifiers are increasingly becoming important as the air quality is depleting with each passing day. So, don’t think twice before investing in one.