3 Times Our Ancestors Were Right About Nutrition And Well-Being Even Before Science Proved It

The fitness world has always been very dynamic. Every now and then, new research comes up with certain magical claims that eventually become a trending topic. The internet has further added fuel to this fire and the new generation proclaims to be driven by only science. Let’s be honest, we have all been very sceptical on what our ancestors used to believe, especially in the context of fitness and nutrition. Surprisingly though, now even science has proven certain things our ancestors preached and adhered to when it came to health and general well being.

Here are 3 ways they are still schooling the modern generation:

1)   Saturated Fats And Cholesterol Are Healthy For The Human Body

Remember the days when your grandparents would stuff your food with desi ghee? Desi ghee used to be a staple cooking ingredient in the Indian diet before refined oils came into the picture. Not only ghee, but sources of saturated fats like whole eggs, nuts, full-fat milk, cream, butter etc were considered to be a part of a strongman’s diet. Indian athletes would consume litres of whole milk, a lot of desi ghee along with a thick paste of almonds and cashews in their daily diet. During that time, such foods were considered imperative if you were into sports or any strength based activity. Fast forward to the 21st century, and people have started avoiding fat, hunting down every fat-free food they can find. Dietary fat/cholesterol has been turned into the boogeyman of nutrition.  Contrary to what most believe, science has now proven the fact that saturated fat isn’t the reason for heart disease. In fact, dietary cholesterol and saturated fats are essential for healthy hormonal functions in the human body.

2)   Spices And Herbs Are Healthy And Have Medicinal Properties

Another misconception that a lot of people have is about spices and herbs. Despite the fact that India is a leading spice producer, modern Indians still hesitate to use a good amount of spices in their cuisines. A lot of people have this misconception and that using spices and salt will lead to high blood pressure, acidity and so on. However, our own herbs and spices contain the most potent anti-oxidants, anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Although the scientists today substantiate the medicinal and therapeutic properties of spices and herbs, it was already drafted by our ancient monks in the holy Vedas, thousands of years ago. No wonder, Ayurveda is gaining credibility globally for legitimate reasons.

Walking Is The Best Form Of Exercise For General Well-Being

Today, when we talk about exercise, the only things that come to our mind are high-end gyms and silly Zumba classes. The funniest thing is that people commute to their respective gyms by cars or bikes to walk on a treadmill or cycle.  Until gym trainers don’t make such people breathe or sweat heavily, they don’t consider it a workout. Now rewind to the time when there were no fancy gyms. People were fitter and lived longer than most of us would. They were just more mobile and walked long distances. The population was way healthier and more active as compared to the today’s tech-savvy population. The thing is simple; be more active and mobile and try walking as much as you can.  Researchers have shown that regular walking for at least 30 minutes can help you to keep your heart and brain functioning healthily. Walking supports oxygenated blood flow in the body and helps in regulating blood sugar.